TANG Qi-yi

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TANG Qi-yi

Name: TANG, Qi-yi
Title: Professor
Mailing address: Institute of Insect Science, Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University, Yuhangtang Road 866, Hangzhou 310058, China
Telephone: (86-571) 88982892
Mobile phone: 13958168331 
Home page: http://www.dpsw.cn
E-Mail: qytang@zju.edu.cn


Garaduate of Plant Protection, Changde Agricultural Branch College of Hunan Agricultural University, 1981.

Working Experience:

  • 1981-1987 Assistant agronomist, Plant protection station of Taoyuan county, Hunan province

  • 1988-1993 Agronomist/Senior agronomist, Plant Protection Station of Hunan Province

  • 1994-2001 Associate Professor, China National Rice Research Institute

  • 2002- Professor, Institute of Applied Entomology, Zhejiang University

Major Research Interests:

My research interest is generally in the area of insect ecology, bio-statistics, forecast of crop pest and integrated pest management (IPM) of rice. This includes research on (1) forecasting techniques of rice pests and application of GIS in pest forecasting, (2) developing computer softwares or practical statistics analysis, (3) analogical technique of bio-mathematics model, (4) computer-assisted IPM technology based ecosystem and insect pest sustainable management, (5) developing remote diagnosis system for agricultural pests (National "863" Project).

Major ongoing research projects:

  • Agricultural pest remote diagnosis platform (National "863" Project).

  • Information Net of Rice pests (collaboration with National Agro-technique Extending Service Centre ).

  • Forecasting techniques of crop pests and application of GIS in pest forecasting.

Teaching Activity:

  • IT Application in Plant Protection

  • Practical Statistics and DPS Data Processing System

  • Application of Computer Technology in Entomology.

Selected Publications:


  • Tang, Q.Y., and Feng, M.G.1997. Practical Statistics and DPS Data Processing System. Beijing: China Agricultural Press. 407pp

  • Tang, Q.Y., and Feng, M.G.2002. DPS Data Processing System for Practical Statistics. Beijing: Science Press. 648pp


  • Tang Q. Y., Cheng J. A., Jiang X. H. And Qian D. L. 2002. Zoning Forecast For Rice Blast In Late Rice By Using Bp Neural Network, Acta Phytophylacica Sinica ,29(3). In Chinese

  • Tang Q. Y., Hu G. W. And Cheng J. A. 1998, Relationship Between Outbreak Frequency Of Sogatella Furcifera(Horvnth) And Growing Area Of Hybrid Rice,Southwest China Journal Of Agricultural Sciences,11(2),In Chinese.

  • Tang Q. Y. Wang L. And Hu G. W.,1997, Mistaking In The Application Of Chi-Square Test To Fitness Of Regression Models, Entomological Knowledge 34(6). In Chinese

  • Tang Q. Y., Hu G. W., Feng M. G. And Tang J.1996. An Optimal Method Of Parameters Estimation For Differential Equation In The Population Dynamic Analysis . Journal Of Biomathematics,11(4), In Chinese.

Statistics Software

Tang Q. Y. 1997. DPS Data processing system (For DOS) version 1.0

Tang Q. Y. 2002. DPS Data processing system (For Windows 9X/me/2k/xp) version 1.0


  1. National S&T Progress Award (Thirds class), 1992
  2. S&T Progress Award (Second class), Department of Agriculture, China, 1989
  3. Agricultural S&T Progress Award (First class), Hunan Province, China, 1989
  4. Agricultural S&T Progress Award (Second class), Hunan Province, China, 1989
  5. Agricultural S&T Progress Award (Thirds class), Hunan Province, China, 1989
  6. S&T Progress Award (Four class), Zhejiang Province, China, 1996
  7. S&T Progress Award (First class), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 2000