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The history of our “Plant Protection Department” can be traced back to the 1930’s, when the “Department of Plant Diseases and Insect Pests” was first established in Zhejiang University in 1936. Our department was later renamed to the present one in 1952 when the colleges/universities in China were reorganized. Because our department was one of the earliest departments founded in the discipline of plant protection in China, many famous Chinese scientists were once faculty or alumni/alumnae here. The department has acquired an excellent reputation in China as well as some international recognitions.

In 1998, when the new “Zhejiang University” was established, the discipline of “Plant Protection”, as well as many other disciplines, had a new chance of discipline construction, reform and development that were supported by “211 project” and “985 project”. In the 4th Chinese national disciplines assessment in 2017, our “Plant Protection” discipline was rated as A+, and it was also selected to participate in the national construction plan of Double First Class initiative. At present, after development of more eighty years, the discipline of “Plant Protection” already mixes and develops with modern biological systematics, biological technology, and ecology. It is now a strong and distinctive domestic first-class level institution for teaching and researching.

As a national key discipline, “Plant Protection” of Zhejiang University covers four secondary-layer disciplines, i.e. “Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control”, “Plant Pathology”, “Pesticide Science” and “Environmental Biology”. Today, the department has one undergraduate major in “Plant Protection”, one first-layer doctorate authorization discipline, four secondary-layer doctorate and master’s degree authorization disciplines, one postdoctoral mobile research station with major in “Plant Protection”.

       As part of Agro-Science, the discipline of “Plant Protection” will focus on pest occurrence and development patterns, and provide elementary theory and skills of practice for developing a newly plant protection techniques which will be used in promotion of overall agriculture capacity, biodiversity protection, environmental pollutions management and energy preservation. After integrating with the cutting-edge disciplines, the department of “Plant Protection” is a work unit with perfect combination of teaching, scientific research and production and forms some research fields with clearly features.