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Discipline of Plant Protection of Zhejiang University was founded in 1936, one of the earliest established discipline over the country, which is held in regard by universities and colleges in China. The higher discipline status of professional plant protection in China due to its strong academic foundation, a well structured, professional qualified of teaching staff and advanced research equipment. Currently, following the guidance of “applied biological science categories (Agriculture)” of Zhejiang University, the discipline of “plant protection” enrolls 35-40 students every year.


The aim of undergraduate education is training senior scientific and technical personnel who will has a career in study and design, technique explore and apply, education and scientific research of plant protection and agro-biotechnology.


The curriculums of “Plant Protection” in Zhejiang University include:

(a) Discipline core curriculum:


    Plant Pathology,

    Applied Entomology,

    Applied Plant Pathology,


(b) Discipline required curriculum:

    Soil Science & Botanical Nutrition,

    Plant Physiology & Experiment,

    Biostatistics and Experiment Design,

    Crop Cultivation,

 Environmental Biology,


 Plant Inspection and Quarantine,

 Pest Forecasting and Integrated Management,

    Frontiers in Plant Protection.

(c) Discipline optional curriculum:

    Modern Information Technology for Plant Protection,

 Methodology for Plant Protection Research,

 Biological Control,

    Safety Assessment Technology for Agricultural Products,

 Bio-invasion and Biosafety,

 Urban Entomology and Resource Entomology,

    Pesticide Development and Marketing,

    Pest Ecology,

    Molecular Biology,

 Principle for Gene Manipulation,

    Plant Biotechnology,

 Pesticide Environmental Toxicology,

    Methodology in entomology,

    Methodology in plant pathology,

 Methodology in pesticide sciences,

 Frontiers in Life Sciences.


After four-year study, the student will understand or master the basic theory, knowledge or skills of biology, modern agricultural science, plant protection and other associated subjects. They will also have the capabilities to carry out the investigating, forecasting, quarantining or integrated managing of given pest.


Except for continuing their student life in graduated school, our graduates have multiple career options. They can work as:

(1) manager, information consular or technical promotion personnel in central or local administrative and governmental services;

(2) biotechnology researchers or developers in scientific institutes or colleges and university;

(3) bio-pesticide developers in pesticide or chemical industry enterprises.

Our graduates will also begin their career in animal and plant quarantine authority, department of environmental protection, department of urban garden construction.


Distinguished Alumni:

  Academician of China Engineering Academy


  National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars


  Changjiang distinguish professor


  Chief Scientist of “973 project”