Plant Quarantine Training Centre

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Introduction of plant quarantine training center of Ministry of Agriculture

    In the autumn of 1984, the Ministry of Agriculture entrusted the former Plant Protection Department of Zhejiang Agricultural University to hold a 'National Training Course on Plant Quarantine'. In 1985, the 'National Training Base for Plant Quarantine Cadres' was officially established in our university, and it was named 'Plant Quarantine Training Center of National General Station of Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture'.

    In 1987, the Ministry of Agriculture and Zhejiang Province jointly invested in the construction of Plant Quarantine Training building. In 1996, it was renamed as Plant Quarantine Training Center of National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center of Ministry of Agriculture.

    The center is the only training institution for plant inspection cadres in China, under the management of the university and the National Agricultural Extension Service Center of the Ministry of Agriculture. Its task is to be responsible for the technical training for the cadres of plant quarantine at or above the county level, undertake the special training in the field of plant quarantine and plant protection, and carry out the information exchange and academic research on plant quarantine technology at home and abroad. Since the establishment of the plant quarantine training center, the following work has been carried out:

【1】 By the end of December 2018, a total of 66 national training courses for plant inspection cadres have been held. The trainees come from 30 provinces and cities in China, including more than 3800 people.

【2】 The Centre has successively presided over or participated in the research projects of occurrence regularity and control technology of quarantine diseases and insect pests such as rice water weevil, Liriomyza sativae and rice bacterial leaf streak, and has made many achievements. At the same time, it accepted the identification of plant diseases and insect pests sent from inside and outside the province, and was invited to participate in the investigation and control guidance of plant diseases and insect pests inside and outside the province.

【3】 The Centre edited the textbook of plant quarantine, made specimens and color pictures of plant diseases and insect pests in China, and developed a computer-aided system for plant quarantine training and decision-making.