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The LEGUMES2020 international symposium is held in Zhejiang University

Editor:  Date:2015-11-30  [close]
 The LEGUMES2020 international symposium on legume crops was held on November 22-25, 2015 in Zhejiang University. The symposium is initiated by World Universities Union (WUN) and was organized by Professor Yu Jingquan, Institute of Vegetable Science, Zhejiang University.
 Legumes can be used as food crops and vegetables. Legumes crops play important roles in improving soil nutrient structure, reducing environmental pollution in the greenhouse and are beneficial for human health and food security. The theme of this symposium is Legumes: The hub of diversification & adaptation to climate change in agriculture. The aims of the symposium are to further strengthen the importance of studying legume crops in the scientific community, and improve the research level of legume crops.
 Professor Ying Yibin, vice president of Zhejiang University, gave a welcome speech. Professor Kadambot Siddique, fellow of Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE), University of Western Australia gave a lecture titled “Abiotic stress tolerance in cool season grain legumes: genetic and agronomic approaches”. The opening ceremony is hosted by Professor Zhang Mingfang, director of Foreign Affairs of Zhejiang University.