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An ultra-dense genetic map and new Gummy stem blight-resistance gene in melon published by Prof. Zhang Mingfang group in current volume of DNA Research

Editor:  Date:2017-09-24  [close]

      The current volume of DNA Research recently published a scientific article entitled A re-sequencing-based ultra-dense genetic map reveals a gummy stem blight resistance-associated gene in Cucumis melo by Prof. Zhang Mingfang group from Institute of Vegetable, College of Agriculture & Biotechnology.

    Gummy stem blight(Gsb) is a destructive disease caused by the ascomycetous fungus Didymella bryoniae (Auersw.) Rehm, which can infect many Cucurbita species. In this study, we report that natural, monogenic dominant resistance to the Gsb has been found in a number of melon (Cucumis melo) accessions. We constructed an ultra-dense genetic map consisting of 12,932 recombination bin markers (1,188,159 SNPs) covering 1,818 cM, with an average distance of 0.17 cM between adjacent tags. Our genetic map was useful for re-anchoring the genome scaffolds of melon, of which more than 92 % assembly was anchored to 12 chromosomes and 90% of them were oriented. We identified Gsb-resistance gene candidates in a 108-kb region on chromosome 4 using associated study based on this genetic map. Our findings verify the utility of an ultra-dense genetic map for mapping a gene of interest, and for identifying new disease resistant genes.

     Article online: https://academic.oup.com/dnaresearch/article/doi/10.1093/dnares/dsx033/4107259/A-re-sequencing-based-ultra-dense-genetic-map