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Number of students and supervisors

In April, 2014, there are 70 postgraduates studying in Institute of Fruit Science, including 35 Ph.D. students and 35 Master students. In September, 2014, 25 new postgraduates, including 6 Ph.D. students and 19 Master students, will join. These students are studying in all four directions of our Institute, under the guidance of 9 Ph.D. student supervisors and 12 Master student supervisors.

Major courses lectured by Institute faculties

For Ph.D. students:

(1) Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology (given in English only), by Prof. Donald Grierson & Prof. Xian Li

(2) Physiology for Plant Development and its Manipulation in Horticultural Plants, by Prof. Kunsong Chen & Prof. Chongde Sun

(3) Molecular Breeding for Horticultural Plants, by Prof. Zhongshan Gao & Prof. Yuanwen Teng

(4) English for Horticulture, by Prof. Xian Li & Assoc. Prof. Xueren Yin

(5) Scientific Writing, y Prof. Changjie Xu & Prof. Xian Li

For Master students:

(1) Modern Horticultural Science and Industry Development, by Prof. Yongli Liu & Prof. Zhongshan Gao

(2) Resources and Biotechnology for Horticultural Plants, by Prof. Yuanwen Teng

(3) Postharvest Research Advances in Horticultural Plants, by Prof. Huijuan Jia

(4) Environmental Biology for Horticultural Plants, by Prof. Fang Zhang & Assoc. Prof. Bo Zhang

(5) Molecular Physiology for Horticultural Plants, by Assoc. Prof. Bo Zhang & Assoc. Prof. Xueren Yin

Ways for Raising Education Quality

(1) Supervisor group system: a postgraduate is supervised by a supervisor group of several supervisors with one as the main supervisor.

(2) Regular seminar system: Seminars at Institute or research group level are hold regularly.

(3) International collaborative supervision system: International experts act as supervisors.