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From Nov.20 to 23rd, Prof. Tian Bing and Ph. D candidate Dai Shang from the Institute of nuclear-agricultural science participated in the NZMS (New Zealand Microbiological Society) Annual Conference 2017 hosted in Auckland. As the biggest academic conference for Microbiological science in New Zealand hosted by Auckland University, it has attracted professionals all over the world and the conference was categorized into sessions, activities and workshops etc. The conference aims at promoting the extensive application of microbe to agriculture, environment and medical science.

Prof. Tian Bing and Ph. D candidate Dai Shang made posters presentation named ”Extremophilic Deinococcus bacteria: stress-resistant systems and biosynthesis of Au and Ag nanoparticles” and “An Iron Exporter of Deinococcus radiodurans involved in Maintenance of Iron Homeostasis” during the conference respectively.