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Dr. Wang Haiyan was invited to attend the 13th International Symposium on Persistent Toxic Substances (ISPTS) held at the Leipziger KUBUS on the Science Campus in Leipzig on 11–14th October 2016. The ISPTS series aims to provide a platform for scientists working on PTS around the globe to discuss and exchange information on the most recent findings, innovative theories, frameworks, and methodologies in PTS research. The symposia covers interdisciplinary topics of significance, ranging from analytical chemistry and the characterization of PTS to environmental fate and eco-toxicology.

    Dr. Wang Haiyan gave an oral presentation titled as Uptake and Subcellular Distribution of 14C-labeled Triclosan in Typical Plants under Hydroponic Conditions on the Division of Sources, transport and fate of PTS. Moreover, she introduced Persistent Toxic Substances Research Platform and Team of Zhejiang University to international scientists. The ISPTS 2016 provided a valuable opportunity for environmental science researchers and students from around the world to interact and exchange research ideas and contribute to a global understanding of PTS.