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Professor Qingyao Shu Visits Nepal for a Rice Expert Service Mission

From 16-18 February 2014, Professor Qingyao Shu travelled to Nepal on the invitation of Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) and visited the Headquarters of NARC and its affiliated Research Institutes, as well as Tribhuvan University, for an expert mission sponsored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). During the visit, Professor Shu inspected the facilities and field infrastructures of relevant research institutes, and attended the reporting meeting on Nepal- IAEA technical cooperation project “Supporting Mutation Breeding Approaches to Develop New Crop Varieties Adaptable to Climate Change”. During the visit and meeting, Prof. Shu discussed with the project counterparts about the importance, implementation strategy and status., and made several important professional recommendations regarding the important steps in project implementation, and the key issues to be addressed regarding techniques, strategy and development direction, and drawn a list of supports to be provided by the IAEA.

During the visit, Prof. Shu also delivered a seminar entitled “MUTATION BREEDING IN MORDEN CROP IMPROVEMENT” to the research scientists in the NARC Headquarters, lectured at the Tribhuvan Universityfor senior students in the Biotechnology Department. Prof. Shu also hold a meeting with the Director General and other administration officers of the NARC, and briefed them on his findings during the trip; he also introduced research activities and status of Zhejiang University in China, particularly the research and education at the College of Agriculture and Biotechnology. During the meeting, after learning that Nepal has a strong interest in hybrid rice that was originated in China, they urgently need training and technical support, Prof. Shu assured them that Zhejiang University has the capacity to provide such assistance, and suggested them to establish formal collaboration relationship through diplomatic channels.

        Prof. Qingyao Shu receiving a memorial gift from the Director General of NARC, Dr Gurung DB (first from right).




         Professor visiting the Chiwan National Maize Programme in Nepal