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A Member of the American National Academy of Sciences, Ronald L. Phillips Visit to College of Agriculture & Biotechnology and Biological Agricultural Research Center of Wuxi-Zhejiang University

Regents Professor Ronald L. Phillips, a member of American National Academy of Sciences and a winner of Wolf Prize in Agriculture visited Institute of Nuclear and Agriculture Science of Zhejiang University on invitation of Professor Qingyao Shu from March 9 to 12, 2014. The visiting Professor had successful discussion sessions in College of Agriculture & Biotechnology and Wuxi - Zhejiang University Biological Agricultural Research Center. Professor Jinshui Zhu, vice president of College of Agriculture & Biotechnology, gave a warm reception to the guests and introduced the teaching and research work of college. Subsequently, Prof. Phillips visited the relevant laboratories and joined the academic symposium hosted by Prof. Zhu. While Professor Lixi Jiang, Jinsong Bao, Jinhong Xu and Associate Professor Xiaoli Shu attended this meeting and held discussions about ongoing research programs and recent advances in Agriculture, Genomics, and Biotechnology with Prof. Phillips. Besides, Prof. Phillips presented a short video biography of Norman E. Borlaug, the man behind Green Revolution in the world and winner of Nobel Prize. He presented valuable information about Borlaug and the Future of the Green Revolution in the form of slides describing about international dynamics of crop genetic breeding and biotechnology fields. In addition, Prof. Phillips also taught Plant genetic resources and crop improvement��for department of Applied Biological Sciences undergraduate molecular breeding course. The students were very excited to have the opportunity to listen to the great Agriculturist of our time and exchange their views in person.
   During the visit of Wuxi - Zhejiang University Biological Agricultural Research Center, Prof. Phillips visited the central laboratory and plant factories and discussed with center staff. Moreover, he also made a wonderful report for nearly 100 people including the county department heads in-charge of agriculture and technology and behalf of biological agricultural enterprises. Finally, Prof. Phillips had a cordial meeting with Xia Liu, Vice director of Wuxi City, and offered some recommendations for the development of biological agriculture in Wuxi City.