Name:Jian-Zhong Huang 
Title:Associate Professors 
Address:Institute of Nuclear-Agricultural Science, Huajiachi Campus, Zhejiang University, Kaixuan Road 268, Hangzhou 310029, China 
TEL:+86 571 86971700 ; +86 571 86971421 (Fax)

Research Interests

As a member of the molecular crop breeding group, my research will ultimately serve the goal of breeding new varieties and creating new material for crops (especially rice). The major focus is on plant stress (radiation, extreme temperatures, light, etc.) tolerance physiology and molecular genetics. Current projects include: physiology and molecular genetics of temperature-sensitive genic male sterility (TGMS) rice; molecular biology and physiological characteristics of heat-tolerant rice; retrograde signaling in coordinating the expression of plastid and nuclear genomes.



              Ph.D (Agro-biophysics), 1992, ZhejiangAgriculturalUniversity

              M.Sc (Plant Physiology), 1989,ZhejiangAgricultural University    

              B. Sc (Biochemistry), 1984,HangzhouUniversity



Professional Experience

               Assoc. Professor (1992-date)ZhejiangUniversity

               Visiting Assoc. Professor (1998.11-2000.11) NC State Uni & USDA plant research

               Visiting Postdoc Fellow (1997.6-1998.7) U.C. Berkeley, Dept. Plant & Microb Biol




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        2. Zhang H-L, Huang J-Z*, Chen X-Y, Tan Y-Y, Shu Q-Y* (2014) Competitive amplification of differentially melting amplicons facilitates efficient genotyping of photoperiod- and temperature-sensitive genic male sterility in rice. Molecular Breeding (accepted)

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