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Prof. Donald Grierson from CAB has been elected as a new foreign academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering

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On Nov. 27th, the Chinese Academy of Engineering announced its list of newly-elected academicians.Prof. Donald Grierson from college of agriculture and biotechnology has been elected as a new foreign academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, one of China's top think tanks.

Donald Grierson, male, British, was born in October 1945. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the United Kingdom and Emeritus Professor at the University of Nottingham. Now he is a full professor and the Chair of Overseas Academic Master Team at Zhejiang University.

Don Grierson graduated from the University of East Anglia with a degree in Biological Sciences in 1967 and after working for a short time in an industrial research lab he obtained his PhD in Plant Science from the University of Edinburgh in 1972.

He received a host of honours and awards from various research institutes and academic communities, such as Ellis prize of the Edinburgh University, OBE for services to Plant Gene Regulation, Bertebos Prize, Da Bei Nong International Biotechnology Prize, and Zhejiang West Lake Friendship Award. His research field: Biochemistry, and Molecular biology, including physiology of fruit maturation and ripening and ethylene synthesis and action.

Academic contribution: Don was the first to identify and clone a series of fruit ripening genes, including the genes for ACC oxidase (ACO), and demonstrated its role in the synthesis of the hormone ethylene. He is also the first to show that transgenes incorporating an inverted repeat are much more effective for gene silencing. He publishes over 180 academic papers and 50 other research contributions.