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One-hundred Talents Program

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Zhejiang University issued an advertisement for the recruitment of “One-hundred Talents” on May 15, 2014. The newly launched “One-hundred Talents Program” is aimed at attracting outstanding young scholars both at home and abroad. To those recruited via this program, the university is to adopt an international academic standard and procedure --- the tenure track system.
The university plans to recruit roughly 50 distinguished young scholars from both China and abroad by the “One-hundred Talents Program”. Ample funds are available for this program to ensure that young scholars have a favorable academic environment and optimum working and living conditions so that they can be dedicated to academic research and the advancement of their fields.
The recruitment advertisement specifies the eligibility of candidates as follows. First, they should work as assistant professors or associate professors in first-class universities in the world. Second, they should be healthy and fit at the age of around 35 years. Third, they should work full-time after being recruited. Lastly, they should be well-equipped with a strong work ethic, a meticulous and righteous academic attitude, enormous potential for academic advancement, exceptional teamwork spirits and the capacity for independent scholarly activity. Once recruited, they will be qualified to enroll doctoral students.
The tenure track system started in 1940 when the American Association of University Professors and the Association of American Universities declared the principles for academic freedom and tenure. This system has wide applications in the domain of tertiary education, particularly in research-oriented universities. Under this system, teachers’ academic achievement will be appraised by international peers after a term of 6 or 7 years, in accordance with which the university will decide whether or not to promote them to the next level on the tenure track.