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Department of applied biological science was established in September 2002, and in the country to set up the first set of Applied Biological Science, by the Institute of nuclear agricultural science and Biotechnology Research Institute jointly organized. This system is mainly to cultivate undergraduates, the academic system for 4 years. 2002-2008 years of professional orientation is the application of Biological Sciences (Bachelor of Science); in 2009 to the application of science and agricultural biotechnology direction (Agronomy degree), and for the first time in Zhejiang University categories tiqian PI enrollment; and then adjust the 2010 for the application of Biological Science (Agronomy degree). According to the professional thick foundation, wide caliber, strong adaptability, interdisciplinary training requirements, from the curriculum system, teaching practice, training students' innovation ability and other aspects, and actively explore the innovative mode of undergraduate education, to promote the internationalization of education, the initial formation of the training system of Applied Biological Science Innovation talents, and achieved significant success in practice.
The Department of Applied Biological Sciences has a strong teaching staff, advanced teaching and research equipment and fruitful research results. The existing professional teaching and research staff of 38, of which 89.6% of the teachers have a doctorate, nearly 95% of the teachers in foreign universities or research institutions to work more than 1 years of experience. Among them, there are 1 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 13 professors and 20 associate professors. The Ministry of education Changjiang professor and adjunct professor in 2, winners of national outstanding youth fund of 3 people, the national key talent project 1, the Ministry of education cross century talents training program 7, Zhejiang 151 Talents Project 11 as a national association chairman, vice chairman of the national academic organization is mainly responsible for the 6 people.
This major aims to cultivate all-round development, scientific literacy, extensive application of science and technology knowledge and gene engineering, cell engineering, fermentation engineering, bio information and data analysis of experiment skill is high, in science and engineering, agriculture, medicine, environment and other fields in biotechnology and related education, research and management, such as the work of the national economic and trade talents. Since the 2002 establishment, the 8 has trained a total of more than 220 graduates, 30% graduates entering the United States University of California, New York University, Baylor College of Medicine, University of Washington, University of North Carolina, the Dezhou Polytechnic University; Edinburgh, Imperial College; University of Munich in Germany, Japan University of Tokyo, National University of Singapore, University of Hong Kong and other famous universities for further study about.30% Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University graduates to the Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, China Agricultural University, the exemption and other domestic famous universities and research institutions for master's or doctorate degree. In addition graduates enter government agencies or enterprises such as the United States Merck pharmaceutical company, Alibaba, China Bank branch in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Panshi Information Technology Corporation, Shanghai CITIC Securities and other employment.