Professor & Dr. Guoping Zhang (Tel.  +0571-8697115 ; Email:
Executive Deputy Dean of College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, ZU
Chairman of Association of Zhejiang crop Sciences
Executive member of Association of Zhejiang Agricultural Sciences

Studying and Academic Degrees
Bachelor in 1982 at Zhejiang Agricultural University
Master in 1985 at Zhejiang Agricultural University
Ph. D in 1998 at Zhejiang University

Teaching and Research
Assistant Lecturer at ZAU from 1985-1987;
Lecturer at ZAU from 1987-1992
Associate Professor at ZAU from 1992-1996
Professor at ZAU from 1996-1998
Professor at ZU from since 1998

The main international activities
Visiting several universities in Cameroon and Kenya as an advanced scholar in Nov. 1992-Feb. 1993
Visiting University of Utsunomiya, Japan as a visiting scholar in Sep. 1998-July, 1999
Visiting University of Glasgow, UK as an advanced visiting scholar in Feb. to April , 2000
Visiting University of Tokyo, Japan as a guest research fellow in July to Oct. 2001
Visiting University of Glasgow, UK as a guest professor in Jan. to March, and July to August. 2002
Visiting University of Tokyo, Japan as a guest professor in Sept. 2002 to Sept. 2003
Visiting University of Glasgow, UK as a guest professor in Jan to March, 2004
Visiting University of Tasmania, Australia as a guest professor in August to Sept. 2004
Visiting Department of Agriculture, West Australia in Jan. to Feb. 2005

The current research fields

Molecular physiology of stress tolerance in crops;
Plant germplasm evaluation, mainly in barley;
Phytoremediation of contaminated soil and crop safe production

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